About Us

The company was founded on 13 May 2013 under the certificate of incorporation numbered 0000830450002 dated 13/5/2013 issued by the Department of the founder of companies in the Ministry of Commerce.
The company's capital is 1,000,000,000,000 Iraqi Dinars due to the Company's Memorandum of Association.
The company obtained the above trade name under the letter of the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce No. 177 on 14/1/2013.
Since the establishment of the company we have entered the Iraqi market strongly with various projects. This side and the other side, the company was able, despite its short life, to obtain exclusive agencies from international companies known as Labo trade and Life Hospital, which specializes in health projects and hospitals and Reps and Reps, which specializes in design and engineering consultancy and these companies are Spanish origin.
Dar Al Mazaya is the main agent of Zain Iraq Mobile Telecommunications Company and the official agent of Shandz Construction and Electrical Contracting Company, the official agent of (EDMI) for smart standards and we have contracts concluded in the field of smart standards in Kurdistan Region. We have a branch of our company in the United Arab Emirates, which aims to move towards the comprehensiveness of our projects to exceed and exceed local and regional work.
This branch is a business center for companies and consists of 42 offices each with its high competencies to provide companies and business people (VIP) with information and modern methods of management and adoption of technology to keep abreast of developments in all areas of work.
This effort was self-financed from the company's capital in addition to the physical support of the founders of their personal assets.
A joint venture was signed with Almasa Printing Press in the United Arab Emirates and the contract is in progress. Joint works have been concluded with companies, companies, ports and government departments to carry out their work in the field of printing and advertising.
We have close relations with all the Iraqi banks and official through our daily dealings with these institutions to strengthen the bonds of mutual trust between us and those important financial institutions.
There are many projects that have been placed within the attention and study of the company's stakeholders to mention them now that they are still in the study.

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