About Dubai

About Dubai

dubai_newDubai is among the 7 and also most populated emirate  in the United Arab Emirates. It is situated along side the southern coastline of the Gulf of Arabia on the Arabian Peninsula. Dubai shares borders with Abu Dhabi towards the south, Sharjah towards the north-east, and then the Sultanate of Oman towards the south-east. Along the coast line of the gorgeous Arabian Gulf, Dubai is packed with sparkling exotic beaches and transparent bluish green seas. There’s a historical Islamic culture that exists among the highrisers and roadways of an advanced, modern city of very nearly 1.4 million people.

Initially a tiny coastal village renowned for its fishing, trading and pearling, throughout the years Dubai has risen progressively and developed to a perfect place to go for business and luxury  travel and shopping, and is a favorite location for global marketing and business events rivaling to many of the planet’s most desired developed cities. Dubai is also well-known for its advanced construction designs like the well-known Burj Khalifa the highest building on the planet and Burj Al Arab the symbol of Dubai. The metropolis is served up by the Dubai Airport home to the the world’s biggest duty-free shopping area. burg_dubai

Dubai presents stunning aquatic life; windsurfing, deep-sea fishing, snorkelling are top activities in Dubai. Adventure enthusiasts are also presented opportunity to quad bike through the desert; engage in fascinating desert safari and vintage camel-riding. Moreover, Dubai offers numerous golf courses, presenting a haven for golfers from all around the planet.

Dubai is the home of top notch shopping centers like Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and customers will be able to find the best in fashion brand labels and many great deals.

Dubai has experienced extraordinary development in all sectors of its diversified economic climate and its administration is consistently seeking to enhance transparency and insert dynamic legislation to help and back up the formation and establishment of businesses in Dubai, UAE.